Thursday, 3 September 2009

Site #4: Big Lamp Corner

Big Lamp Corner is the end of the High Street opposite the Italian Garden site. It is also home to the Silica, Weston's primary public art intervention. See that thing that looks like a carrot/turnip/turd? That's it.

The carousel in the top photo isn't there anymore, but it did demonstrate just how much the pedestrian traffic can be impeded before people go mental. We won't make that much of a fuss down there.

We'll construct a few temporary boards for this site, and a few artists will have some fun here. (The biggest negative of this site is the potential for wind whipping through the town.)


  1. For the boards would we need to bring imultion or would it already be done?

  2. This Paint Jam is such a great idea! Unfortunately I'm not an artist but will certainly be there to watch, especially at The Old Town Quarry which is one of our favourite beauty spots in the town! Looking forward to it :-)

  3. Hi Jen,
    I'm happy with 4 x 4 unless Mr Kimmings does come down after all.

  4. @khoi You shouldn't need to bring emulsion, unless you want a specific colour for background.

    @paul Noted. Mr K will be down in October, but will chat to you about that separately.