Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A door closed, a big ass window opened

See that? That's the Tropicana. Used to be an open air pool, now it's a big eye sore.

But guess what... on Saturday, it's ours.

This thing is the crown jewel of Weston graff sites, and it's ours. Each of those panels is roughly 9 ft high and 20 ft long.

The only guidelines is that we need to keep it tasteful and mindful of the regular all-ages foot traffic in the area. (The Council is giving us the spot, so we do have to play by their rules.)

Hoping to hear back on another site this afternoon, but getting the Trop is the biggest, most unexpected victory.

That said, a bit about the closed door. For those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know that I've been having some trouble lately. The short version is that the Arts Festival that this was originally being organised with has had some problems with the budget and logistics for the temporary boards on the High Street. The result is that those sites won't be in play on Saturday.

But, as I said... we've now got one big ass window.

So... as of this morning, the list of sites are as follows:

1. The Royal Hotel
2. The Tropicana
3. Hobbits Nightclub

And I'm still working on a few others... Stay tuned and get that paint ready!

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