Saturday, 19 September 2009

Royal Hotel - Day 1

Royal Hotel - Day 1, originally uploaded by jmb252.

Day One of the hotel job went well, with MCL, Khoi, NathanaelDraws, and DedPosh making their mark on the wall.

The list of who's doing what will be updated tomorrow. In the meantime, artist folks, send me messages/comments/emails/whatevers with your top three and size preferences.

For non-artist folks, please have a look at the info below about the job and make suggestions for other Weston notables. I'm sure we've left some important people out (or Wikipedia has, at least), so the best way to get everyone included is for Weston residents to have some input. Leave a comment on here, or send an email.

Keep checking in for more progress shots, and thanks again to today's artists!

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  1. Went and had a look as promised. Looking very exciting. Connections? After his exile from Ethiopia,Highly Selassie stayed just outside of Bath and used to visit Wsm for holidays. As told to me on Monday by the Town Clerk no less!
    Rastafarian on the sands?