Thursday, 3 September 2009

Site #3: The Old Town Quarry

The Old Town Quarry will host a few artists and a whole lot more. The site will also be home to the 'Festival in the Quarry' on the 12th, during which there will be demonstrations and workshops by artists and dancers, a live jazz band, a hog roast, cider, and local business stalls. There's also going to be an ice cream truck.

This site is up in the hills, but still in Weston's town centre. It will offer the artists a much different experience from that of the High Street. Artists working here will also be asked to have a bit of interaction with the public, even helping people have a go at using spray paint (on a board for just that purpose).

For those working here, it will be a fairly unique experience. You'll be spray painting in a nature reserve. It'll be 'urban' art in a fairly non-urban setting.

Because this is a 10 minute or so walk away from the High Street, I'm opening it up to volunteers. If you want to paint at this site, please let me know.

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