Sunday, 6 September 2009

Keeping the faith

As with anything in this place, there are some last-minute troubles. A bit of hand-wringing and naysaying has set in. Now that it's becoming real in people's minds that there will be a whole bunch of graffers descending on the town in the next week, we're starting to get the road blocks thrown up.

But, not to worry. I'm moving forward with things, and closing the artist list (as planned) tomorrow at noon. From there, I'll send out an email with the details of where you'll need to be and when.

Be aware that some of the sites that I've been prepping everything for might not actually be in play due to a sudden lack of funding. That said, I'm working this week to get enough wall space -- one way or another! -- for everyone to do their planned pieces.

Of course, I do need to start putting out the disclaimers. Weston is a sleepy little town that isn't used to graffiti. This event aims to show people that it can be a beautiful thing done by talented artists, and not just the work of vandals who got hold of a rusty can of CarPlan scribbling their names on other people's walls. So it's crucial that you don't come down here and do illegals.

Also, I have to ask that you keep things inoffensive. Challenging images are fine. That's art. Being offensive for the sake of it isn't going to go over well, especially if you end up painting on the side of a business.

Now that I've got all that responsible shit out of the way, if you have a sketch of what you're planning that you can email me, please do. It'll help in my quest for walls and assignment plans.

Oh, and according to the forecasts, it should be sunny and mild on Saturday. Fuck yeah.

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