Wednesday, 2 September 2009

12 September Paint Jam Open Call

Hey folks...

I'm bringing spray paint down to the twin set and pearls crowds (and
everyone else in this old resort town). I've got sites at both ends of
the High Street, up in a nature reserve, on the side of a hotel, in a
pub's courtyard, and in the middle of a shopping centre. Now I need a
few more artists. (Photos of some of the sites are up on the Facebook
event page:

Right now, I can't guarantee anything in terms of free paint, etc. I'm
working on it, but right now I've got no budget to speak of. I have
made some deals locally and can supply some cheap (£20) seafront hotel
rooms, and might even have a few floors/couches available for less.

The main painting day will be 12 September. (If you want to paint and
absolutely can't get down here that day, still get in touch. I might
have some locations available on other dates between 5 September and
11 October.) I'll need artists in Weston town centre between 10 and 11
am, so we can have as much of the day as possible for painting.

This is an unprecedented thing for Weston, so I'll need to get a final
list of artists together NO LATER THAN 7 SEPTEMBER at noon. If you
want in on it, please get back to me with the following info:

1. Name (what you paint as, especially)

2. email and mobile

3. When you'd come down/leave and whether you'll need housing.

4. What size do you want? (Generally planning things on 8 ft x 8 ft,
but if you need smaller I can arrange it, and if you want to paint as
a crew, I can get a bigger space.)

5. Anything else I need to know about you or your art.

Let me know if you're interested.




  1. looking foward to this,
    where are we meeting on the day?

  2. also did you get my message? i sent it on facebook.

  3. Yep. Got your message. I'll be sending out meeting place details, etc., in a group email after I get the final list of artists together.