Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Site #2: Italian Gardens

I've been told that these are basically glamour shots of the site, and I have to agree. This end of Weston's High Street is generally populated by small groups of emos and junkies, and sometimes little fetes.

On this site, we'll be constructing some temporary board structures for painting purposes. As there are two big lawns that are each about 65 feet long, this will be the perfect place for crew spots and quite a few individual spots.

The artists will be out of the main pedestrian traffic, but in clear view of the High Street punters. Situated between Argos and the Sovereign Shopping Centre, and next to the intersection of High Street and Waterloo Street, the Italian Gardens will be a great place to paint. It'll be high visibility, but slightly protected (if that makes sense).

All in all, should be a fun time there on 12 September!

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